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The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) works to promote Brazilian products and services abroad, and to attract foreign investment to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy.

The Agency carries out several commercial promotion initiatives, such as commercial and prospective missions, business rounds, support to the participation of Brazilian companies in major business fairs, and visits of foreign buyers and opinion formers to assess the Brazilian productive structure, among other business platforms aimed to strengthen the Brazil brand. The Agency supports more than 12,000 companies from 80 different industries, which in turn export to 200 markets.
Apex-Brasil also acts to promote the competitiveness of Brazilian companies in their internationalization process, especially in market intelligence, business training and image promotion, as well as foreign direct investment (FDI) attraction.

In this sense, the role of Apex-Brasil is to promote the expansion of investments already made, and to make Brazil appear on the “short list” of target countries and influence the investment decision by providing strategic information, full support to the work of site location (arranging and accompanying the visits of foreign companies to potential receptors States) and an aftercare work.

In addition to its headquarters in Brasilia, Apex-Brasil has ten business offices in important global markets, to assist in the process of internationalization of Brazilian companies, prospect business opportunities and enhance national participation in major global markets, also serving as a reference for the attraction of foreign investment.

The business offices are located in Asia (Beijing and Shanghai, China), the Middle East (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), North America (Miami and San Francisco, USA), South America (Bogotá, Colombia), Central America and the Caribbean (Havana, Cuba), Europe (Brussels, Belgium), Eurasia (Moscow, Russia) and Africa (Luanda, Angola).