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Halal Certified Chicken exports From Brazil

Halal Certified Chicken exports From Brazil

To begin, Our company is the largest producer of meat in Brazil. Halal Certified Chicken exports From Brazil. The continuing success of Frango Brazil is due to its unswerving commitment to ethical business practices, innovation and commitment to maintaining the excellence of all its processes, products and services. Our commitment to quality reflects our responsibility to provide healthy and quality products by pursuing continuous improvements to our operations, respecting the environment and conforming to all regulations and procedures required by legislation and the authorities.

Our Brands

main brand of BRF. “It’s a global brand, particularly in the Middle East, where it is very strong,” said Mr. Zerbini. Sadia, is not only for chicken, but also for processed products. In the Brazilian market, it is a brand that everyone knows.

In that part of the world, the small chicken named galeto, known by the Sadia brand, is used as a generic term. Even galeto chickens of other brands are called Sadia. The plant built in the UAE is one more step they have taken to approach the consumer. Thus, a global brand becomes local.


Halal Certified Chicken exports From Brazil

Our Market

What is going on with the domestic market? Total revenues of Frango vary, but 55 percent comes from the domestic market and 45 percent from exports. The company has two very strong brands in the domestic market: Sadia and Perdigão, the no. 1 and 2 of processed poultry and pork in terms of “top of mind” of the consumer.

“Our operation in Brazil does not have ‘commodity’ products; they are branded products, many processed products, such as lasagna, ham, nuggets; it is a growing market,” he said.

Could it be that foreign markets are larger than the domestic market? Consider the following: Brazil consumes 45 kg per capita of poultry, while the world average is 11 kg per capita. It is therefore clear that there is great potential outside Brazil. However, there is no doubt there is a challenge concerning access to markets, of how to bring access to chickens to those populations who are currently without it. This does not happen automatically or overnight.


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