Brazil Best Chicken Suppliers

Fresh and wholesome class A halal whole chicken with skin on. At Haloodies, we’re here to provide you with fresh, quality, halal meat. Our British whole chickens are professionally prepared to the highest standard in our BRC A Grade facility and our butchers get to work when your order comes in so it’s super fresh.
The Haloodies Story
In 2011, Imran had an idea “Let’s start a Halal Food Festival!!”. “Great! And let’s call all the halal foodies – HALOODIES!” said Noman and so the Haloodie was born.
Great things began to happen and pretty soon it was clear that Haloodies wanted more than a festival. Haloodies wanted fresh, clean, wholesome, halal food. They wanted lean meats and a range of cuts. They wanted products to match their lifestyles and they wanted convenience.
So Noman (who gave up being a dentist) and Imran (a busy doctor) teamed up with with a fully accredited Halal Meat & Poultry processor to bring Haloodies to life – the premium halal food brand offering fresh and wholesome foods for everyone!

Halal foods is pleased to offer this uniquely wholesome, Halalthy™ and delicious Hand-Cut Halal Chicken Whole Chicken that will have you and your family looking forward to chicken night once again! Your all natural chicken is completely free of hormones.
Humanely raised on family farms in America’s heartland, this all natural chicken fryer is delightful roasted, baked, fried, grilled, stewed, casseroled, in soups and more. You’ve asked and once again, Midamar delivered.
We invite your feedback as we continue to launch new and healthy options for you and your family. Each Halal Whole Chicken package contains 1 chicken and weighs between 3.25 to 3.75 lbs. Each case contains 10 chickens. This product is hand slaughtered zabihah halal.