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Whole Chicken (Griller)

To start and bring forth the best griller chicken ,

whole chicken griller
Our whole chicken griller

We ensure that all our whole chicken products are specifically hand slaughtered in accordance to the Islamic requirements. Our whole halal chicken undergoes the halal slaughter process, which requires Muslims to slaughter the chicken individually by hand. The halal process of slaughter is in accordance to the Halal guidelines. Our facility strictly adheres to the halal guidelines when it comes to our frozen halal whole chicken. We also have a strict policy on the humane treatment of the birds. Our frozen Halal whole chicken also meets the health requirements. Here is a systematic guideline of how we process frozen the whole halal chicken.Frozen chicken paws Brazil.


  1. The arrival of the birds at the processing plant

We pay close attention to the chicken when transporting them from the farm to the processing plant. On arrival, we place the birds in a grow-out house that consists of cage-free barns, which house the chickens before they move to the next stage. Frozen chicken paws Brazil.

  1. Stunning

Our employees are trained to handle the chicken humanely. They place the chicken in a suspended manner by their feet in a moving line. We then begin to calm down the birds by using a combination of bar rubs and low lighting. The bar rubs provide a comforting sensation to the chicken’s chest, while the low light helps to calm them down. In the modern era of chicken processing plants, every effort is made to ensure the chicken is processed without pain and quickly. We first render the chicken unconscious and unaware of pain before slaughtering begins. We use an electric stun gun for this purpose. Frozen chicken paws Brazil.

  1. Slaughter

Since this is a halal product, we task the slaughtering of the chicken to our Muslim employees. They slaughter the chicken by hand by the Halal guidelines. We ensure we follow the Halal guidelines to the letter. Frozen chicken paws Brazil.

  1. Evisceration

After the slaughtering process, the birds enter the evisceration stage. Here we remove the birds’ feathers. Removal of the feathers is necessary since it prepares the chicken for the processing stage. We begin with placing the chicken in a bath of hot water to help loosen the feathers. The chicken then proceeds to the feather removal machine. 

  1. Cleaning and chilling

After the organs are removed, the remaining part of the chicken is cleaned before undergoing any inspection. To reduce bacteria, we use water and organic rinse with every chicken. We later chill the bird to a lower temperature to help keep it fresh and clean. Our quality assurance department inspects the chicken to help ensure they chicken adhere to food safety regulations they are quality and wholesome.

  1. Inspection

The inspection stage requires an external party to inspect the chicken and ensure its standards. They examine the chicken for diseases, bruising, and fecal matter and alert us if there is an issue of concern with the birds. Such an inspection helps prevent contamination.

  1. Secondary processing

After the chicken is inspected, we begin the secondary processing stage. Here we accommodate a variety of products from the chicken. We freeze the whole halal chicken and sell it as Frozen Halal Whole chicken.

  1. Packaging and shipping

According to the order you desire, we package the entire chicken. We pack them in trays and wrap them. We include the other parts of the chicken depending on whether you indicate that on your order notification. You can trust that our frozen halal product will get you fresh during delivery.

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الأهداف المحددة

منذ عام 2001، عقد اتحاد صناعة الدواجن في البرازيل UBABEF اتفاقًا مع هيئة تشجيع الاستثمار والتجارة البرازيلية (APEX) هدف إلى تشجيع الدجاج البرازيلي في العالم عبر مجموعة من أنشطة تشجيع التجارة. وقد أنشأت الشراكة بين هيئة APEX واتحاد UBABEF مشروعًا قطاعيًا متكاملاً (PS)، والذي هدف إلى زيادة أحجام وإيرادات صادرات لحوم وبيض الدواجن للشركات الأعضاء في المؤسسة والمشاركين في المشروع عبر مبادرات تسعى لنشر قيم العلامة التجارية للدجاج البرازيلي والبيض البرازيلي. والهدف هو إظهار خواص إنتاج الدواجن في البرازيل، والتأكيد على التزامها بالجودة والأمن البيولوجي والاستدامة واحترام البيئة.


巴西动物蛋白协会(ABPA)是两个组织合并的结果:巴西家禽协会(UBABEF)和巴西猪肉生产商和出口商行业协会(ABIPECS)。家禽和猪肉两协会(UBABEF 和ABIPECS)都和巴西外贸和投资促进会(APEX)有超过十年合作的历史。 我们的目标是大力推广ABPA团员企业的出口销量和收入,增加巴西鸡肉的出口市场的数量。通过在交易会、研讨会和在形象与买家互动的活动项目中分发宣传推广材料介绍、巩固和提升只有巴西可提供的价廉物美蛋白质产品的形象。 与巴西外贸和投资促进会(APEX)的合作关系是增加鸡肉行业的销量和收入,通过市场的复苏和开发新市场的重要途径。 项目的开发是为了推广和宣传“巴西鸡肉”走向世界和巴西优质鸡肉的理念。使得更易于维护和开发新市场。直接受益者包括本活动项目的30家出口成员企业。


Desde el 2001, UBABEF firmó convenio con la Agencia Brasileña de Promoción de Exportaciones e Inversiones (APEX) con el objetivo de promover la carne de pollo brasileña alrededor del mundo a través de varias acciones de Promoción Comercial. El trabajo conjunto entre APEX y UBABEF creó un Proyecto Sectorial (PS) que tiene como objetivo aumentar significativamente los volúmenes y ganancias de exportación de carne de aves y huevos de las empresas asociadas a la entidad y participantes del proyecto a través de acciones que busquen la diseminación de los valores de la marca Brazilian Chicken y Brazilian Egg. El objetivo es el de presentar las cualidades de la avicultura brasileña, destacando su comprometimiento con la calidad, bioseguridad, sostenibilidad y respeto al medioambiente.

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